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IT Services


Unlimited Tech Support, Flat-Rate Billing, 24/7 Monitoring, High Priority Support, Full Network Proactive Maintenance.
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What are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT Services go beyond basic server and computer support, our focus is to offer our customers with technology solutions that provide stability, efficiency, security, compliance and peace-of-mind to their business.


We include the following services and features in our Managed IT Services:

  • Unlimited Tech Support

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management

  • High Priority Business Class Support

  • Flat-Rate and Budget-Friendly Billing

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Documentation of IT Infrastructure

  • Inventory and Asset Management

  • Managed Anti-Virus

  • Microsoft Office Suite for all Workstations

  • Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery

  • Business Web Design and Management

  • Proactive Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Maintenance

Managed IT Main
Proactive, not Reactive. 

Webatron has developed a PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE approach to managing our customer's business networks. We perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly preventative maintenance tasks to reduce disasters and mitigate the cost of an emergency on a network. Rather than react to a disaster we work hard to prevent them. 


Some of the preventative and proactive tasks we execute:

  • Check local and cloud backups on a daily basis.

  • Monitor server and workstation slowness

  • Check for server error and warnings on a regular basis. 

  • Automate the remediation of know issues and problems. 

  • Run Windows and application updates on all server and workstations

  • Monitor firewall and network traffic 

  • Document all changes or updates done to the network

  • Security assessments and audits to ensure compliance

  • And so much more is done to prevent disaster or emergencies

No more hourly fees.    Simplified flat-rate billing.    Unlimited tech support. 

Webatron believes in providing reasonable, affordable and reliable IT support services to our customers. Our IT service agreements allow our customers to forecast their budget and not be worried about the fine print.


Our unlimited, flat-rate, high priority tech support includes:

  • No limits on on-site visits, calls, emails or tickets.

  • No more hourly fees

  • Immediate support through our remote management IT toolkit

  • You can call us, emails us or log on to our portal to open trouble tickets

  • High priority support with fast response times

  • Tender loving care (That TLC we all love!)


As a Managed IT Service's customer Webatron will manage all your business technology. An added benefit of being a Managed IT Service's customer is that you can receive up to 50% discount on the following Webatron services

All technology managed. 
Let's TALK.
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